Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Radian Pro RC Sailplane Motor Problems

You may have read that the new Radian Pro is seriously under powered and that it has a motor problem. The Pro was advertised as having the same motor as the original Radian, just by exterior looks, this is not so. When the new motor has been run along side the old Radian motor hooked up to a watts meter, the new motor pulls 12-13 amps where the original Radian motor would pull up to 19amps. Horizon Hobby did some testing and came to the conclusion that the difference in amperage was not due to the motor but due to a manufacturing defect in the prop.

If you have a new radian and are not satisfied with the climb performance of your ship, call HH and request a new prop. In most cases this has fixed the power problem.

Horizon Hobby

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