Monday, August 8, 2011

Ultra Micro P51 Nav Lights

A great modification for your Parkzone Ultra Micro P51 is the addition of navigational lights. This lets you fly at dusk, a time of day when the wind typically dies down. If your daring, you could also try night flight. I found a great deal on a L.E.D. kit at S.F. Design Solutions, $15.00 includes shipping . The kit consists of red and green wing-tip nav lights with a blue or white tail light and white landing light. The lights are very easy to install, you just open up the fuselage, plug in the wiring harness, route the wires and your ready to take to the night skies.

The kit includes step by step instructions, but I've included a few photos and a detail of how I routed my wires. If you have never opened up your P51, it requires that you take a Xacto knife and cut through the decals on the fuselage sides and rear of the radio compartment so that you can remove the top to expose the motor, servos and AR6400 receiver.

Kit as received from SF Design Solutions

Below you can see where I have opened the radio compartment and plugged the lights into my receiver to see that they are working properly.

Testing the lights prior to installation
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Pulling the tail LED out of the fuselage thru the vent hole

Tail light installed and anchored with tape

Wires for wing lights exiting thru forward vent hole

Wing wire installed and anchored with tape

Landing Light mounted at bottom of fuselage under the prop

Ready For Takeoff

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