Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T28 Trojan Pilot T-Shirt

The T28 North American Trojan is one of my favorite RC airplanes to fly. The full scale Trojan was used during by the Navy starting in the 50's as trainer for pilots. Today it's radio controlled little brother is made by Parkzone and is flown by many pilots including myself.

With very sturdy foam construction, mine has taken more than a few beatings and continues to be a blast to fly. This is also a great plane from those that like to tinker. Some have added flaps and retractable landing gear. Mine sports a eflite power 10 motor which gives it unlimited vertical climb. If you don't own one of these jewels, then it might be time to let your better half know that the Parkzone T28 Trojan is at the top your Christmas wish list. Or if you all ready have one, let her know you want a T28 RC Pilot shirt from Poker and Chaos.

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