Thursday, August 11, 2011

Extended Battery Tray for T28

Having upgraded my Parkzone T-28 Trojan with a Power 10 motor, I found it was quite nose heavy. In order to move the center of gravity back, it was necessary to shift the battery aft to a point that it was no longer comfortably held in place by the stock foam sleeve. Not wanting to see what happens when a battery hits the eject button, I chose to install an extended battery tray.

To construct this tray I started with a piece of basswood 1/8"x 1-1/4" cut so that it fit snugly between the fuselage sides. Roughly four inches long. Then I cut two slots into this piece spaced apart the width of my batteries. I then took a standard 6" velcro battery strap and looped it down, under and back up through the slots in the tray as shown below. Then I mixed up a batch of 5 minute epoxy and glued the tray and strap down directly behind the foam bulkhead. It was also necessary to carve out some of the foam from the bottom of the canopy so the battery could be slide back.

Top View of the Extended Tray

End View of the Tray

Bottom of Canopy Showing Foam Removal
I've had over 100 flights with this extended tray and several crashed and the battery has always remained secured in place. Even if your running a stock set-up and don't need to move the CG back, this extended tray is a great added safety measure to keep your battery secure.

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