Monday, July 18, 2011

Home Made CA Glue Tip Applicator

Here is a great tip for model builders when you need to apply CA to a very small area. Make yourself a fine tip applicator by starting with a regular Q-Tip. It seems the handle on these little jewels is hollow.

Hold your Q-tip by both ends over a open flame such as a candle. Heat the center and pull slightly as you rotate it. Once it softens and stretches slightly, let it cool.
Then Take a pair of scissors and cut the middle of the Q-tip in half and cut each cotton end off. You then have two applicators.
To attach them to your bottle of CA, take a short piece of silicone fuel tubing and slip the newly made applicator in one end and slide the other over the nozzle on your CA bottle.

You're ready to go.

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